midland &Odessa's
anime convention

July 29-31, 2022

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2022 guests


It's not an anime hotel con unless you actually STAY at the hotel! Grab your discounted room today!

Grab your VIP and Weekend Memberships for an amazing weekend, whether in person or Virtually!

There's so much to do we can't list it all here!

Sell or draw anime stuff? Grab your booth!


What's up with the Saloon and Coyote Waifus?


Performances And events

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VIP Membership: $99
Weekend Membership: $45
Day membership: $35

Kids (5-12) membership: $15


One child 4 and under free with every physical membership

Discount for active emergency responders and military



"I love spending the weekend with my anime friends, shopping, and meeting voice actors!"

-Lea, Midland native

a weekend retreat for the family!


This is not a comic con.

Midessanime is built around staying at the hotel all weekend. 

We LOVE Comic Cons, but this ain't one of them, partner!



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