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Midland & Odessa’s
Anime Convention

September 22-24, 2023

Tickets Available At the Door


Panels & Events

There’s so much to do we can’t list it all here!

Maid Café 

Attend an authentic Japanese Maid Cafe!


Special Guests

Meet your favorite performers and voice actors!

2022 Guests
2023 Guests Announced in July

By weebs for weebs background.jpg

for weebs 

Created and owned by your favorite local convention team! Join us for an unforgettable event!

20210731_0532_07302021_midessaanime2021 (1).JPG
20210731_0296_07302021_midessaanime2021 (2).JPG
20210731_0334_07302021_midessaanime2021 (2).JPG

By weebs 

20210731_0431_07302021_midessaanime2021 (1).JPG
20210731_0300_07302021_midessaanime2021 (1).JPG
20210730_0016_07302021_midessaanime2021 (2).JPG
20210731_0473_07302021_midessaanime2021 (1).JPG
– Soma, Local Artist

Spending the weekend at a hotel with people who love anime is going to be awesome!

Get the full experience

Party all weekend from the comfort of your hotel room! Odessa Marriott offers a deep discount for Midessanime members.

Sign up for
a weekend
of fun with fellow fans!

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