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About Our Waifus

What's in the name Midessanime? It's a combination of Midland and Odessa, commonly referred to as "Midessa" by locals. Each of our lovely waifus are a representation
of our sister cities!

Odessa's history as a place for fun goes back almost 100 years, and had a reputation for its many saloons! What's up with her ears and horns? The jack-a-lope has become the symbol of Odessa and many businesses and residences in Odessa display models of rabbits, so our Odessa Waifu is a Saloon girl jack-a-lope!

Why is Midland's WaIfu taller than Odessa's ? Did you know Midland is nicknamed "The Tall City"? Now you do! Many Midland Sports teams have a Coyote as their mascot, so we thought Midland needed an anime version too!  If you look closely at her belt buckle, you'll see the Summer Mummer's Mustache!

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