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Where can I buy a membership?

Midessanime has concluded.

Do I have to buy tickets online?

Nope. You can also buy at the door!

Do I have to stay at the hotel?

No, but you should! Get the full experience by booking here

What floor is Midessanime on?

EVERYTHING IS on the 2nd floor except the VIP Mixer, which will be in the bar / hotel lobby on Friday night.

Will I miss out on events if I don't stay at the hotel?

It's likely that you will. There are dozens of activities and performances every day - with several running late at night. Staying at the hotel ensures you can enjoy all our events.

What is there to do?

There's so much to do, we can't list it all on this page! Check out all our events on our here.

Is this event family friendly?

Yes! However, some of our later events held after 10:00pm are only for 18+ members.

Where can I register for the Cosplay Contest?

On our cosplay page here.

Where do I reserve my hotel room?

You can book online by clicking here.

Where is the schedule of events?

See all our events on the schedule here.

Are the Celebrity Guests there all weekend?

Yes - they are! See our full guest list here.

Can I meet the Celebrity Guests with my membership?

Yes - all members have the opportunity to meet all guests!

Do the Celebrity Guests charge for autographs?

Yes - each guest has different prices.

Can VIPs really skip all the lines?

Yes! You can get a VIP membership here.

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