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Where can I buy a membership?


Do I have to buy online?


Can I buy at the door?


Do I have to stay at the hotel?

No, but you should! Click here for the booking link.

What floor is Midessanime on?

Everything is on the 2nd floor

Will I miss out on events from not staying at the hotel?

There are 12+ of programming per day - this is not a come-and-go event

Is this family friendly?

Yes (until 10 pm +)

What is there to do?

Too much to list - check our Program Page

Where do I reserve my Hotel room?

Through the Hotel Room Button / Link (coming soon)

Where can I register for the Cosplay Contest?

Click Cosplay

Where is the schedule of events?

Click Program

Are the Celebrity Guests there all weekend?


Can I meet the Celebrity Guests with my membership?


Do the Celebrity Guests charge for autographs?


How much do you charge for photos and autographs?

Prices are set by each Guest

Can VIPs really skip all the lines?


Do I have to have a hotel room to use the pool?


Where do I park?

At  the hotel garage or the parking lot behind the Marriott Odessa

Can I buy a membership for 2023?

2023 Memberships will become available at the conclusion of the 2022 convention.